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Little Kunoichi

Dear all, how are you? I hope you are doing great at home. This is Ms. Friska’s website where I share my experience and strategies to promote reading is fun to people around, and now to you too 🙂 Today’s library session topic is about the preservere little ninja girl named Little Kunoichi. I have the recorded storytelling below, please have a watch 🙂

The Story

Little Kunoichi is written and illustrated by Sanae Ishida

The story is about Little Kunoichi, the little ninja girl who is studying in a secret ninja school. Little Kunoichi thought that studying was difficult. She met Chibi Samurai and both of them keep practicing the shugyo way. In the Island Festival they met the pink dragon and did a little mistake. However, everything turned out well. Everyone was happy with the Secret Island Festival. Their perseverance was paid off.

The Author

Sanae Ishida

Sanae Ishida is the author and illustrator of Little Kunoichi series. She brought her Japan heritage into her writing and watercolor drawing in the series. Aside from writing and drawing, she is also keen to sew and write book about sewing. She is living in Seattle, USA now.

We Learn about Japan Culture

By reading Ms. Sanae Ishida’s book, you may try to use See, Think, and Wonder’s method. You may surprise only by seeing on the book covers, you will learn a glimpse of Japan Culture.

Little Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl

See: What do you see on the book cover? Who is she? What is a ninja? What does she hold?

Think: What defines a ninja? Why she brought sticks and shuriken? Where is she?

Wonder: Is there a real ninja now?

Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet

See: What do you see on the book cover? Who are these characters? What do they wear?

Think : What happened? Where are they?

Wonder : Why 2 characters are hiding behind the bush?

Ba-chan, The Ninja Grandma

See: What do you seen on the book cover? Who are these characters? What do they wear?

Think: What happened? Where are they?

Wonder: Is there a real female ninja?

The Real (Last) Ninja?

To answer your inquiry, please do watch the video below. You will watch the interview with the real (hopefully not the last) ninja.

Master Kawakami the Last Ninja

Ninjas are a very secretive profession, they are spies. They prefer not to fight and not to bring weapons with them. So what do you think? Do we still need ninja at this moment or in the future? What defines a person as a ninja? Is that their combat skill, the clothes, or their origin? Do you have more questions now? 😀

Do You Want to be A Ninja?

Our (last) ninja, Master Kawakami learned the ninjutsu since he was 6 years old. Because being a ninja is secretive, it would not very easy to find a ninja school. Remember, even Little Kunoichi and her family live in the secret island. Therefore, if you are really into ninja, you may pursue education for Ninja Studies in Mie University in Japan. The major would not train you how to be a ninja, but to do research about ninja as Japan heritage. To read more about that, you can open the link here.

Inquiry by Reading

Isn’t it amazing, by reading one book Little Kunoichi, we are triggered to learn more? Hopefully you enjoy our story and learning time. See you in our next session 🙂

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