Pustakawan Mendunia Saatnya Update Diri Menjadi Pustakawan Zaman Now
Saatnya Update Diri Menjadi Pustakawan Zaman Now

Ulasan Buku

Di sini Pustakawan Mendunia berbagi ulasan buku menarik dan video interaktif mendongeng untuk anak-anak. Beserta informasi mengenai siapa penulis bukunya dan mengapa buku tersebut menarik untuk dibaca.

Pustakawan Mendunia berbagi kiat, kisah, dan tips mendongeng sekaligus menulis ulasan buku pilihan untuk anak-anak. Selamat membaca 🙂

You are going to find fascinating children’s book review in this page, with a storytelling recorded for your kids. We also provide a short bio about the author of the book as a tribute to his/her work, and a creative activity you could do together with your children at home.

Global Librarian is delightful to share happiness and promote joyful reading as the first step to introduce reading habit for children. We believe as soon as possible, we have to promote joyful reading to open an appealing pathway for our children’s lifelong learning process.

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