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Papa Do You Love Me?
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Di sini Pustakawan Mendunia berbagi ulasan buku menarik dan video interaktif mendongeng untuk anak-anak. Beserta informasi mengenai siapa penulis bukunya dan mengapa buku tersebut menarik untuk dibaca.

Pustakawan Mendunia berbagi kiat, kisah, dan tips mendongeng sekaligus menulis ulasan buku pilihan untuk anak-anak. Selamat membaca πŸ™‚

You are going to find fascinating children’s book review in this page, with a storytelling recorded for your kids. We also provide a short bio about the author of the book as a tribute to his/her work, and a creative activity you could do together with your children at home.

Global Librarian is delightful to share happiness and promote joyful reading as the first step to introduce reading habit for children. We believe as soon as possible, we have to promote joyful reading to open an appealing pathway for our children’s lifelong learning process.

Please let us know your feedback πŸ™‚

Selamat Tahun Baru Imlek
Mari Merayakan Perbedaan dengan Literasi

Indonesia adalah negara majemuk dan memiliki banyak suku, agama, kepercayaan yang hidup toleran. Melalui literasi, Pustakawan Mendunia mendorong anak-anak untuk membaca dan merayakan perbedaan.

Little Kunoichi

Reading Little Kunoichi, the little ninja girl is like opening the door of our inquiry about ninja and Japan heritage. Is ninja real? Read this post to find out more πŸ˜€

Winnie the Pooh Story

Who doesn’t love our fluffy kind-hearted friend, Winnie the Pooh? Let’s read the story about him and his friends in Hundred Acre Wood.

Pustakawan Mendunia bersama dengan Klub Buku Apocalypse
Pustakawan Membaca

Pustakawan Membaca! Betapa giatnya kita mempromosikan kebiasaan membaca, namun, apakah kita sudah membaca? Sebuah catatan refleksi dari Pustakawan Mendunia.

Why Black Lives Matter?

Why black lives matter? Lets learn a brief history of slavery, segregation, and movement against injustice in United States of America.

Goodnight Spaceman
Goodnight Spaceman: The First Ever Bedtime Story Recorded in Space!

Lets hop to our rocket of dream and blast off with our book Goodnight Spaceman! The first ever bedtime story recorded in space.

Little Cloud

See outside your window and try to find the Little Cloud. He might go undercover and changed himself into something you could never guess. Enjoy the story πŸ™‚

Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale

Lets go deep under the water and have adventure with Rainbow Fish and his friends meeting The Big Blue Whale. Be careful of him!

Papa Do You Love Me?
Papa, Do You Love Me?

It is great to explore Africa, visit Mara River and to experience how Maasai people express love to their children with this question: Papa, do you love me?

The Exclamation Mark
The Exclamation Mark

Lets read and jump joining the Exclamation Mark who spiced up our words together with the question mark and the full stop. A funny story not to be missed, folks πŸ™‚

Where the Wild Things are

If you would like to go far away, where are you going to? Do you want to join Max who on his way sailing to where the wild things are? Read our review here.

Pustakawan Mendunia Expression in Storytelling
Sky Color

We are so happy to see how Marisol could overcome the challenge she had: how to color the sky without blue. You could read it in our new post, “Sky Color.”

We’re All Wonders

We’re All Wonders’ book promotes kindness over anything. Pustakawan Mendunia prepared a recorded storytelling session and activities to do.

The Reading Tree
The Giving Tree

Sebagai pustakawan yang gemar membaca, kami juga mempromosikan buku/informasi yang baik dibaca anak. Post pertama kami adalah mengenai buku The Giving Tree πŸ™‚

β€œMembaca tanpa merenungkan adalah bagaikan makan tanpa dicerna.”

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