Sesi Perpustakaan

Pustakawan Membaca

Pustakawan Membaca! Betapa giatnya kita mempromosikan kebiasaan membaca, namun, apakah kita sudah membaca? Sebuah catatan refleksi dari Pustakawan Mendunia.

Why Black Lives Matter?

Why black lives matter? Lets learn a brief history of slavery, segregation, and movement against injustice in United States of America.

Little Cloud

See outside your window and try to find the Little Cloud. He might go undercover and changed himself into something you could never guess. Enjoy the story 🙂

Papa, Do You Love Me?

It is great to explore Africa, visit Mara River and to experience how Maasai people express love to their children with this question: Papa, do you love me?

The Exclamation Mark

Lets read and jump joining the Exclamation Mark who spiced up our words together with the question mark and the full stop. A funny story not to be missed, folks 🙂